CSMW employs heavy-duty mechanics for basic repair, troubleshooting, overhaul and maintaining mobile heavy-duty construction equipment. Whether you’re looking for parts, a repair, or a complete rebuild, we can provide solutions customized to your needs.

Repairs performed by CSMW on spreaders and other pieces of dockside equipment are becoming recognized by several port operators in Canada. From re-manufacturing to a basic weld repair, we have the knowledge and the facility to get your jobs done.

Charlie Smith Machine Works employs CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau) certified welders and fabricators that have extensive experience and knowledge which enable them to perform high quality work in a cost effective manner…

Hydraulic remanufacturing center, dismantle, clean and inspection of parts. This is where the decision to repair or replace is decided, upon customer approval. All work performed in our Remanufacturing center comes with a one-year warranty.

Field machining capabilities: Line boring systems for various hole sizes starting at 1 3/8”,
Resurfacing machine for Slew Bearing bases and roller paths from 2 feet to 18 feet diameter.

We specialize in the repair and remanufacturing of components of Truck Mount, Crawler, RT, AT and Tower Cranes.

Concrete pumper truck booms and frame straightening with structural repairs. Forklift attachment modifications, repairs, manufacturing of load back rests, steering axles and masts. Fork modifications also done in-house.

CSMW guards are designed to protect your machine and operator in dangerous work environments, to avoid injuries, expensive repairs and machine down time.

We have a full range of conventional machine tools and our skilled machinists can draw from many years of experience in a jobbing / repair shop environment.

We understand your machines require a lot of attention, and we can provide the technical support needed to keep downtime to minimum. We bring service, quality and integrity to the table on every project. This is the foundation of our business, and it is why we continue to succeed as a company.

CSMW is developing a high capacity load testing device. Which will enable us to load test a wide variety of lifting equipment, in-house, and will be ready in the summer 2020.